Perfume Filling Machine

Perfume Filling Machine


Suitable for Glass Bottles
Filling Line Bottle Cleaner +9 Head Filler+ Crimper +Collet Press + 4 Meter Conveyor
Filling Range 10-225ml
Motor 0.5HP Gear Motor
Vacuum Pump 0.5HP/150LPM
Power Source 220V 50Hz
Power Supply 1.2KW
Contact Parts Stainless Steel 316 Grade
Covers Stainless Steel
Machine Weight 900Kg
Machine Dimension (Space Needed) 5000mmLx850mmWx 1800mmH
Production Capacity Up to 60 Bottles Per Minute
Filling speed 20-25 bottles/min
Filling height 250ml or less
Filling Precision ±1%
Pressure 6~7kg/cm3
Dimension(L*W*H)mm 20 Feet L x 10 Feet W x 9 Feet H

Application :

  • The machine is suitable for the filling of liquid products in cosmetics like perfume, sterilization water, wine, soy sauce, peanut oil, oyster sauce and lubricant oil etc.It’s the latest filling machine with complete function. Customized design for more filling heads. Easy to clean if filling cilored materials.
  • PLC control, high-tech filling machine.
  • With photoelectric sensing and pneumatic operation.
  • Liquid contacting parts are made of nonmetal anticorrosive materials.
  • With submersible filling function, accurate measurement.
  • No bubble or dropping during the filling.


List Of Machines Inline :

  • Automatic Perfume Filling Machine.
  • Complies with 6 Feet Long Conveyor Unit
  • Suitable for filling 50ml-100ml of perfumes in bottles
  • 2 Head Piston Base filling machine
  • SS304 Contact Parts
  • Accurate filling without wastage.
  • Mechanical Drive for user friendly operation.
  • Man Power : 1 Persons.
  • Machine Size : 6 Feet L x 4 Feet W x 5 Feet H
  • Machine Weight : 350Kg
  • Electrical Power : 220 V, Single Phase, 2KW
  • SPEED-1000 Bottles/Hour
  • Crimping Machine
  • 4 Feet Long with Conveyor, Crimping unit With Auto Sensing
  • Feet Long with Conveyor, Collar fitting unit With Auto Sensing
  • Specially designed to wrap cartons with clear film


Features :

  • Compact structure, reliable and advanced, easy for operation.
  • Adopts multifunction digital frequency inverter, step-less speed control.
  • Digital display of heating temperature
  • Automatic feeding, automatic counter
  • Driving unit has protection device and indication of malfunction
  • There is test run film feeding clutch, not waster the packing materials


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Technical Specifications

Model OVP-1000.
Packaging material BOPP, Cellophane, PVC thermal seal film.
Production capacity 40-60 package/min.
Packaging size L (60 - 130) x W (40 - 100) x H (10 - 40)mm
Power supply AC 220V, 50Hz, 3kW
Working pressure 0.5MPa
Weight 750kg
Outer dimensions 2,650 x 700 x 1,500mm

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